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Who is LaToya James?


LaToya was born in Liberty city Miami June 17th 1989. She is the eldest of three. Growing up in poverty Toya would run the streets at night and get into trouble. That's when she met one of the most talked about people in her life till this day, De'sean Williams aka her "Baby Daddy."


They soon split up after their son, "Man Man" was born, without any help from De'sean she took on the responsibility of taking care of the family. She worked at a local salon where the gossip was at an all time high. Toya would share stories about all her crazy experiences with guys which became the highlight of the salon.


The owner decided start Toya's Tuesday's where locals can come and chime in on the girl talk which included Sex and men paying bills. Toya then made the decision to kick it up a notch and speak her mind on social media where she currently has close to 500k followers on Instagram and has reached over 20 million on Facebook which all came organically from posting her rants about her Baby Daddy and other men.


Toya is now being booked as a stand up comedian and started a clothing line called #TTU where she sells hats that say "Rent Due" on it. She's working on expanding her line in hopes that men will step up and be men. Aka pay bills.

Who is Reggie?

Who is Reggie? Born in DC late November 1979. Raised with both parents, Mother Bernice and Father Reginald Sr. Young Reggie was exposed to hard work at a young age. Reginald Sr had his own handyman business where young Reggie was most of the time. As he got older he developed the "Gift of Gab" like his father and as he learned the ropes, he often dreamed of having his own business. Reggie was a wiz at mechanical work and fixing things.


Thanks to his father the gift was passed down. Reggie now has his own business in Miami "Reggies Auto" where he fixes cars, sells and buys parts and often attends the local auctions looking for fixer uppers. Reggie can sell sand to a beach, His skill of "swindling" has made him a lot of money but also a lot of enemies. But in the end Reggie always wins. he quotes "I just wanna make my pops proud and find me a fine PYT in the meantime that can cook, clean, and make me scream". Reggies Auto is open Monday through Saturday in the heart of Miami.

Who is Termite?

Latrell Thompson aka Termite was born in Tampa FL, Graduated from Jefferson High in 2005 and from then on went to pursue his rap career. Trell was the typical trouble maker and player in his neighborhood. Raised by his Grandmother Janine Thompson who believed despite him getting into trouble, her grand baby had a gift. Trell would stay up late and write music and make beats in his room. He was inspired by Tupac, DMX and Nas, just to name a few.


Music soon became an outlet to deal with his frustrations. He got the name "Termite" by riding past a house that had been infested with termites, he asked his grandmother what happened to it, and she replied "When termites get a hold of your house, they take everything down with it" He then realized thats exactly what he wanted to do to the rap game. He wanted to take these rappers out once he got a hold of them. From then on, Termite has been working on his music heavy. He had the opportunity of working with one of Dormtainments Producers Jerome Green in Atlanta. Where he came up with a catchy beat that Termite started freestyling to and the very next day recorded. The song was a hit, the single was called "I aint lying" soon after he shot the video in Miami where he teamed up with a known director who brought his visions to life. Termite is currently working on his mixtape.

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