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Jasmin Brown, also known as Jazzy or Jazz, rapidly became an online sensation. Known for her “in-car” rants and original characters, such as Toya Turnup, Termite and Reggie, Jasmin managed to build a whole new audience by simply being herself.


Funny, ambitious, inspirational, humble and passionate are a few of many words to describe the comedic actress of Miami, FL. As an amazing talent, her passion for writing and creating original content have made her a very unique talent to work with. Jasmin continues to surprise her fans, followers and supporters with new appearances, videos and projects. However, her career goes beyond the attractive websites, hashtags and social media trends. Jasmin encourages and continues to inspire her female-dominate audience in a comical, yet truthful way, on trends, love and life with laughter.


Jasmin was born in Takoma Park, Maryland and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida to a Jamaican father and Trinidadian mother. Her parents were very hardworking, which provided Jasmin and her siblings the platform of always wanting to strive for excellences. Being the youngest of four children, Jasmin grew up loving her two older sisters and brother dearly. She was able to express herself comfortably with family at a very young age, which explains her daily Instagram postings for her female-dominate audience. Jasmin describes her relationship with her siblings as loving, supportive and most importantly, comical. Laughter is what brought them together and kept them together.


Today, Jasmin continues to film for independent projects and take on opportunities that will further her career. On her way to being a household name, Jasmin continues to capture the hearts of her supporters with humor. 



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